Politcal Affairs/LCRC  The Ridgecrest Area Association of Realtors is always looking for ways to best serve our Members, and our Affiliate Members. As they say, “It takes a small village”.  That is the truth.

We encourage and support all of our Committees. These Committees consist of and are organized by Members only.

There are many Committees that meet regularly, usually once or twice a month. They strive to keep you as a member updated on all things pertaining to Real Estate, such as Multiple Listing Service Rules and Regulations, as well as many other important issues that affect Realtors® and those involved in the Real Estate industry today.

We also strongly encourage participation in one or more of our committees, in order to have your voice heard. Whether you are already a Realtor®, or are thinking about becoming one, visit one of the meetings today and find out about issues that are affecting the Real Estate Industry, and how you can make a difference in your community, neighborhood, and even your state!



Sponsors educational programs to increase the professional competence of members and enables them to satisfy continuing education requirements with the DRE; plans association education seminars, provide speakers for the Association’s monthly general meeting and similar events. Conducts orientation for new members and induction into the Association.

Equal Opportunity

(Task Force)
Discuss, share ideas and innovative approaches regarding fair housing; to present fair housing information and training opportunities to the membership; provide educational opportunities related to fair housing and cultural diversity; and discuss concerns and suggestions related to equal opportunity and cultural diversity.

Budget & Finance

Propose annual budget and periodic adjustments as required; conduct reviews of monthly and quarterly financial statements; analyze financial impact of proposed Association programs and projects, and make recommendations regarding them to the Board of Directors.


Reviews membership prior to approval by the BOD; makes recommendations to the BOD regarding membership rules and procedures; assures growth and quality of membership; seeks to conserve present members through member benefits, recruits new members through membership drives.


Recommends and coordinates actions relating to statewide and nationwide legislation through C.A.R. and N.A.R. Promotes private ownership of real property by encouraging favorable legislation. Through civic participation at the local level, recommends and coordinates action affecting city and county legislation, zoning and regulations. Monitors city council, school board meetings and studies environment issues.

Multiple Listing Service

Recommends MLS policies, procedures, Rules and Regulations through Board of Directors and oversees the MLS procedures and monitors/implements the MLS Rules and Regulations.


Meets regularly. Must be an Affiliate in good standing to participate. The primary reason for the formation of an Affiliate Committee is to provide Affiliate members an opportunity to help the Association membership and be recognized for their efforts. They provide support for various association activities. The Affiliate Committee interfaces with all Association Committees on special projects.


The Grievance Committee reviews complaints alleging a violation of a membership, Code of Ethics or MLS duty to determine whether or not the complaint should be forwarded to the Professional Standards Committee for hearing. It does not, however, determine a member’s guilt or innocence or mediate between the parties. Its primary function is to determine whether or not a disciplinary complaint is appropriate for hearing.

Professional Standards

Provides panelists for disciplinary or arbitration hearings in accordance with the Professional Standards Rules. Participation requires special training.



Politcal Affairs/LCRC    

LCRC stands for Local Candidate Recommendation Committee. LRCR is part of CREPAC (the California Real Estate PAC which is the state version). LCRC funds are used to contribute to candidates for local office. The committee has seven trustees, appointed by the President of the Association; the trustees serve staggered three year terms.


Ad hoc group of Brokers and Owners for advisory and informational purpose.


  Bylaws are the rules that govern our Association. In the past, organizations had constitutions and bylaws but today bylaws are usually sufficient. The particular requirements for bylaws are set by the state in which the Association incorporates. As the Association grows and matures the bylaws committee should review bylaws and recommend changes to BOD for approval; have the associations attorney sign off on any revisions; put revisions to the membership for a vote. If bylaws aren’t upheld during a dispute, board members could be held libel for breaching their duty to the Association.



Long Range Planning

Assure the most effective and efficient allocation of Association resources; develops a strategic long range plan to be reviewed annually which focuses on results to be achieved, ties activities to objective, highlights trade-off of alternative courses of actions, and equips the Association to deal with contingencies.

Nominating/Election Task Force

Select and recruit candidates for each office and candidates for each place to be filled on the Board of Directors. Host Candidates Forum; no member of this special committee may be a candidate. Meets as needed prior to the election. Counts the ballots and certifies the election for the Board of Director positions.

REALTOR of the Year

President is Chairperson of this committee. No less than three past winners of the award are appointed as committee members.